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What remains between us but the first thing to which a future bride thinks, from the exact moment in which she has the engagement ring on her finger, is her wedding dress.

The search is difficult and often it can happen that the wedding dress is chosen before defining other important details, with the result maybe to have a wonderful dress but not suitable for the style then chosen for the wedding.

Here are some details to keep in mind when you start your tour of the atelier and that you should communicate to the staff in order to put it in the condition to help you better.

  • Remember when you get married: even for the wedding dress, the one for a wedding day will be different from that for an evening wedding.
  • Remember where you get married: the location of the ceremony makes the difference, if you have opted for a religious ceremony there are rules to be respected other than those of the civil or symbolic ceremony.
  • Remember the style and/or theme chosen for the wedding: a princess dress is not suitable for a rustic style wedding.
  • Remember how you will move: if you are going to get on the bike at the altar you would certainly need a wedding dress different from what you would wear if you arrived with the Beetle.
  • Remember your colors: choose the right shade, the right shades of the dress, taking into account the color of your complexion on your wedding day (if you get married in the summer you might be tanned).
  • Remember your habits: if you have a rock or sports soul or a stay-at-home some clothes are difficult to sustain for the duration of the wedding.

Nicole Spose; Victor & Rolf 2019

Remember that the perfect wedding dress will be the one that will make you feel special and yourself at the same time as you try it.

The bride is You, the protagonist of the day will be You, who decides you are You … not the fashion, not the clerk nor the relatives; it is right that they express their opinion but do not let yourself be influenced because only you who wear it know if the dress makes you feel perfectly yourself. Whether colored, short, themed or with pants, what matters is that when you look in the mirror you see the light shine inside you.

Blumarine 2018; Vera Wang 2019

But if after so many trials you could not yet see it, here are some other little tips aimed at finding the dress that best follows your lines… because for every woman (and every body) there is the right dress!


Women who have narrow shoulders, thin waist and accentuated hips have a so-called pear physique. In this case, the right wedding dress is the one that opens at the bottom, broad and flared. Also ideal is an empire-style dress, perhaps with a simple skirt and elaborate top. Promoted the wide and horizontal necklines (sweetheart neckline) and the clothes that leave the shoulders uncovered. To avoid, however, the mermaid dresses that band and accentuate the hips.

Riki Dalal 2019


If your body is in the shape of an apple, because you have a few centimeters longer along the waistline, the dress that suits you is soft and fluid, in perfect empire style. It emphasizes the décolleté, descends along the whole length and slender, avoiding to highlight the waistline. A dress that has lace or veiled sleeves.

Pronovias 2019


Are you a sportswoman? Do you have broad shoulders and tight hips? Then your body is an inverted triangle and you are at a crossroads: either an empire style dress or a mermaid one. Yes to an american-style neckline or to a one-shoulder line, which taper the figure, to a trawl or an important tail. No to the sleeves.

Enzo Miccio 2019


When the woman has a slightly accentuated waistline, she has a rectangular body: the hips are almost the same diameter of the waist. It would be considered suitable a dress that softens the figure, emphasizing the slight curves perhaps with a precious belt. Free field with soft clothes and at the same time with wide skirts with a princely effect.

Florinda – Carlo Pignatelli


Do you have a proportionate body with shoulders wide as your hips and narrow waist?? Then you are an clepsydra woman and the luckiest of all, because you will wear every model of wedding dress. Ideal would be a mermaid dress with a tail not very accentuated, so as to go to accentuate a strong point such as narrow waist.

Nicole Spose 2019

Unfortunately, however, it may always happen to find you in doubt, to live intrusions and impositions. If you want a person who thinks about your needs, who are looking for the right atelier for you, who advises you in an objective way and defends your choices, make sure that Your dream is realized contact me

because dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.

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