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Very often when I meet brides, their confusion status is more derived from the choice of marriage theme.

Maybe they come from weeks when, with relatives and friends, they started talking about the first choices, the location, the details and future guests ask them “what will be the theme of your wedding?”… so a couple realizes not yet having chosen one and going into crisis, wonders if there is anything that can really represent it.

So I find myself having to reassure the couple by giving it some little advice. If this is also your case, keep these three points in mind.


  • The important thing is to be able to characterize the event, you can do it identifying a style, combining your favorite colors, trying to juxtapose materials or playing with graphic elements. If you choose one of these ways you will be able to customize your big day; the problem would arise if you could not choose, ending up organizing a trivial marriage, that doesn’t represent you.





  • The theme does not have to be traditional, not everyone loves traveling, reading or the sea. The theme may be your life, your personality, your work or your passions.

A couple of whom I’m organizing the wedding, at our first meeting was in complete confusion. They could not find anything that represented both, so much more than he is a lover of nature while her thumb is completely black. In the end we decided that to better represent them is their sense of family, having already a child, their most important moments together.


  • You do not have to insert a theme in progress, because an event would come out without either head or tail, with contrasting elements whose connection would be meaningless. This is why the first step in creating a harmonious whole is to start by identifying a representative element .

Do not feel at fault if you don’t immediately have clear ideas, if you can not answer the insistent questions of your future guests; you can always create a bit of suspense saying them that you want it remain a surprise to take their breath away.


If you really can not find a meeting point to choose if and what theme to give to your wedding, if you don’t know how to keep the promise to amaze, contact me together we will realize your dream…

because dreaming, after all, is a form of planning



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