I will create what you haven’t seen yet…

Because dreaming, after all, is a form of planning

We design, create, realize and execute events
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Listening, attention, planning and creativity: these are the aspects that define our work. Every event for us is unique and different like the people who decide to rely on us. Our task is to capture even the smallest nuances of your desires and turn them into reality, creating a memorable event that you will remember for a lifetime.
We will ask you about you, about the day you dream of, about what you want, because everything you tell us will become the starting point to make your event unique and personal … every detail will tell about you.
Whether it’s just the celebration of your love or the organization of your big day or the celebration of an important anniversary, with our services you can get customized solutions that meet your different needs to transform an important day into a perfect day.
We put love into our work, transforming our work into love.

One Day Coordinator

We’ll be the director on the day of your event. 

It is a service designed for the couple that organize their wedding independently, finding their suppliers and making all the decision, both organizational and design. But in recent weeks, they realize how challenging is coordinate the timing of the event and they want avoid unexpected events.
We know that for you the most important thing is that everything goes well that day, so we will watch from behind the scenes to make you enjoy every moment without worries.

Ceremony Creator

We’ll realize with you the ceremony yyou have always wanted.

Will you say your “Yes” with a civil ceremony or with a symbolic rite?
We will create a unique ceremony for you, tailored to your love: from the choice of lyrics to the choice of musical accompaniment.
Everything starts from a meeting, to get to know you in every nuance. Entering on tiptoe in your world, in your lives and in your love story, we will find the right words to tell it. We will guide you in every detail, to discover the deeper meaning of your ritual so that it is unforgettable.

Wedding Creator

We’ll guide you through every choice, in the realization of your wedding.

It is our customizable wedding service, built on the needs of the couple: during our meeting, we will understand together your ideas and needs.
We provide support for the organization of your wedding, guiding you through every choice in order to: carefully choose the most suitable locations for your wedding, the professionals to use, plan the timing so that everything runs as planned.
We will create a tailor-made project of your dreams: every detail, from the theme to the choice of the color palette, from the decorations to the cadeaux for the guests, will tell about you.
We will create a unique and unforgettable wedding.

Party Creator

We’ll plan, design, build an event tailored to you.

It is our customizable event service: it is built according to your needs and requirements.
Every anniversary, every important moment must be celebrated and shared in a unique way, that it is a birthday, a baptism, a communion, an anniversary, a graduation party, etc.
We will guide you in choosing the most suitable location for your party, the suppliers to use. For your event, we will define a common thread that distinguishes and characterizes it in every detail from the settings to the invitations, so as to create an atmosphere to be enjoyed in the round because everything will be under our control.

You can purchase our services with one of the following formulas or use our own
advice on individual specific issues.

What my customers say …

Giorgia: If you are looking for a planner to help you prepare your most beautiful day and follow you with passion and professionalism, from preparation to over the end of the ceremony, Maddalena is the right person for you. A kind girl who with humility listen to you and together with yours and her ideas you plan a unique marriage. What to say, to us and for us was fantastic.
Erika: A unique attention to detail, continuous support and a lot of passion make the wedding day a wonderful event. The sensitivity, attention and pragmatism of Maddalena make everything perfect. TOP.
Simona: Our reception was fantastic especially because of Maddalena, thanks to her coordination and good taste, we have had beautiful personalised arrangements. Her presence before and during the wedding day was fundamental. Super recommended, She will always remain in our heart.
Isa: We were looking for a professional who would follow us in everything, taking care of every detail and we found it. That was great. I advice her to future spouses who wish to be accompanied in this journey by a careful, reassuring and original person, in order to realize their dreams.
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