I’m Maddalena, the wedding planner who will help you plan the wedding you’ve always dreamed of in Puglia.

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What i solve


Lack of time of future spouses

Who has time?

You will be realizing it, planning a wedding takes time and commitment. If you are organizing your wedding in Puglia but work and live outside Italy, you will certainly have little time to devote to the planning and organization of the preparations. Being able to keep up with everything will make your daily life very stressful; and above all you will notice mistakes and oversights when it will be too late.

A very different wedding than you would have wanted, without a second chance.


I plan everything

Stress-free deadlines

For my couples I have structured a planning process with which I define the timing of the entire organization, not just the wedding day. Experience allows me to help mine future spouses through careful planning of appointments and commitments (even remotely with call and videocall), an assessment of all the details to be defined, always respecting the deadlines set at order to get to the wedding without stress and without surprises.


Locations and suppliers, an endless search

Closed box

Living outside Italy and perhaps not knowing the Apulian territory well, you would find it difficult to quickly and easily find the location of your dreams and the suppliers available and suitable for yours need. You will run the risk of choosing locations that are not adequate and equipped or that are very different from how they appear in the photos; and suppliers who do not offer the quality of services sought, or worse, who ultimately do not keep their promises.


Suppliers and Locations already tested

The best professionals

To meet the needs of future spouses, I have built a diversified portfolio of locations and suppliers selected and verified, constantly updated, so as to be able to satisfy the different wishes and needs of my couples. I avoid them the long searches and the risk of choosing an inadequate personnel to realize what requested or unable to comply with the agreements made, proposing suppliers that fit within their budget and that they offer a quality service, with a clear and complete contract.


Logistics is never foreseen by anyone

Attention to programming!

It is important to know that organizing a wedding requires managing many logistical details, from the larger ones such as ceremony, preparation, music, catering, transport, accommodation for the guests, request for permits, definition of loading and unloading points for equipment to smaller ones such as the wedding procession, wedding ring holders, table seating, place cards etc... These are not tasks that can be delegated to anyone, while the spouses have something else to do.


For me it's business as usual

Event planning

In fact, I plan the time-line of the organization and the event in advance, building and managing with the couple a time plan for the evaluation and definition of each element. I manage all the details with my team, even the smallest ones, before, during and even after the wedding, in order not to have any unexpected events and to solve any problem before it arises. I've been there before.


Unexpected costs

Expenses and budget not pre-set

Planning a wedding in another state can come with additional costs that you may not anticipate in advance and for this reason you would then risk finding yourself dealing with exceeding the cost estimates initially set and with the need in extremis to review the breakdown of your budget or worse than apply for a loan.


Budget management and control

Expenses without surprises

From the beginning of the planning process, I help my couples evaluate all necessary expenses they will have to face, even those they don't initially think about (such as transport, accommodation, services of translation, the SIAE, the revenue stamp, etc.), to examine the various costs of each individual expense item in order to calculate every need and ensure that the pre-set budget is maintained.


Bureaucracy and delays

Endless bureaucracy

There are numerous bureaucratic difficulties that one runs into when planning one's wedding in another state. The timing is long as is the preparation of all the necessary paperwork for the celebration of both civil and religious marriage. And most often of such documents and certificates to require and present one does not even have knowledge, except when one does not find oneself in the vicinity of the wedding to address the demands of the various relevant units.


Management of paperwork

No obstacles!

I know, by now well, the various bureaucratic aspects and the certifications necessary for the realization of one civil and/or religious ceremony, therefore I help future spouses to get in touch with the various organs of competence and with the preparation of the various fundamental practices for the celebration. I make sure, both in the planning phase and during the coordination of the wedding day, that the wedding is accessible and understandable for both the spouses and the guests, through mine intermediation with other suppliers or even with the help of professionals who know the languages and of adequate structures without any architectural barriers.