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If you are planning your wedding in 2024 and wish to know the latest wedding trends, in this article, I will provide suggestions for creating a special and memorable wedding.

2024 has a grand ambition: to transform weddings into personalized events, carefully curated down to the smallest detail. The key elements of the new trends? Color, creativity, and sustainability, all while banishing the déjà vu effect to bring out the personalities of the couples to the fullest.


trend riti

The mood of weddings in 2024 is “my wedding, my rules.” While respecting the traditions of the Beautiful Country (Italy), it’s time to bid farewell to strict protocol and make room for a completely personalized event based on individual tastes and needs. The déjà vu effect is on borrowed time; there will be the introduction of new customs and cultures, an increase in personalized rituals, practices from overseas, ceremonies in two different languages, the option to customize the reception schedule, decorations, and even entertainment.


You know, beautiful things pass by too quickly, and the same holds true for weddings. Why settle for just one day of celebrations when there’s the possibility to extend the festivities for an entire weekend? The trend, imported from the United States, is destined to grow in Italy as well. It’s called “Wedding Chapters” and is designed for those who don’t settle for just the day of the “I do” but want to experience the wedding in multiple moments, always surrounded by their closest loved ones. It goes hand in hand with another trend, that of Destination Weddings, for couples who choose to celebrate their nuptials in another city or even abroad to make the big day feel like a mini-vacation.

The wedding chapters start with a rehearsal dinner, an intimate and informal welcome dinner. They can continue with excursions or other activities exploring the destination, followed by the official ceremony and reception featuring local delicacies, all accompanied by music and beautiful decorations. Then comes the after-party, a celebration after the reception to dance the night away while sipping on special cocktails, and it concludes with a brunch the next day, complete with a pool party.


Although the number of guests remains substantial, there is an increasing tendency to invite only those who truly matter and forego distant acquaintances. Among the guests, beloved pets—integral parts of the family—will not be absent, and children will also be included. To ensure everything runs smoothly, it is preferable to engage suitable vendors, such as dog-sitting services or children’s entertainment with designated areas for play and fun in complete tranquility.

In 2024, the role of guests will undergo a radical change: from passive spectators of the event, they will transform into protagonists who can unleash their artistic flair. Expect original and entertaining proposals, such as signing the bride’s dress with special watercolors, creating plaster molds and fingerprint trees, enjoying live painting sessions, engaging in Instagrammable activities with colored smoke bombs, choreographies, or henna tattoos on hands and feet, and why not, creating watercolor portraits as wedding souvenirs.


The wedding venue is one of the most important elements to consider.

In 2024, outdoor weddings will be very popular, especially in natural settings such as parks, botanical gardens, vineyards, or beaches, offering a sense of freedom and space that is hard to achieve in an enclosed space.

Rural locations, such as farms, country estates, or castles, will be another trendy choice for those seeking a rustic and romantic atmosphere. These places can be decorated with natural elements such as wood, stone, and fresh flowers.

Additionally, many couples will opt for urban weddings in locations like lofts or city restaurants, providing a more modern and sophisticated backdrop and allowing for minimalist decorations such as lights and candles.

In general, the trend will be to choose venues that reflect the couple’s personality. Many couples are looking to select destinations and places that hold special meaning for them, such as the location of their first date or a place that represents a significant milestone in their life.

Regardless, when choosing the venue, it’s important to consider the number of guests, logistical needs, budget, and the season in which the event will take place.


Farewell to anonymous trinkets, welcome to originality: trends foresee strictly personalized wedding favors, such as printed images or gadgets with the names of the guests. You might also consider favors for singles, gifts for children, favors for families, or ones for your best friends. Because a beautiful memory is worth more than any precious jewel.


inspiration anni 80

In 2024, we will witness a return to the aesthetics of the ’80s and ’90s. Among the embellishments of weddings next year, it will not be surprising to see velvet sofas, vintage furniture, oriental rugs, fabrics with geometric prints, neon colors, intricately handcrafted crystal glasses, and porcelain plates.

To align with this theme, there will also be many innovations in entertainment. Music trends will include folk, synth-pop, disco, and grunge, but the most popular involves the guestbook taking on the appearance of a vintage telephone. In this way, instead of signing the pages of a book, guests can leave genuine and personalized creative messages through these audio guestbooks.

trend audiobook And leading the newlyweds to the ceremony venue, there will be evergreen classics from the automotive world with luxurious bodies and upholstery.


trend wedding style

Weddings in 2024 will redefine the concept of contemporary elegance through a unique and picturesque pastiche capable of blending the most diverse styles.

Plants will take center stage, marking a true botanical invasion! Plants, trees, and flowers of all kinds will be integrated into every aspect of the ceremony and reception, from invitations to banquet decorations.

The Garden Style effect, one of the very latest trends in flower design that recreates the disheveled nature to bring lightness and informality to the wedding setup, will be the ultimate must-have, giving your green wedding a decidedly evocative effect.

From the success of the Garden Style effect, with its ability to combine the greenery of plants with metallic colors and wood, we move on to the mirror effect, which enhances the aisle leading to the altar and even the dance hall.

And what about the emerging trend of roof styling, transforming the ceiling into a work of art? Flowers, plants, wrought iron chandeliers, cages, and aviaries, vintage candelabras, exquisite fabrics, disco strobe lights… get ready to literally keep looking up!

The irreplaceable trend of 2024? Pampas grass: it looks good on everything, is tremendously fluttery and chic, and can be used as decoration in the bouquet, on tables, on the ceiling…


Sustainability is becoming one of the main keys to a successful wedding. Among the ‘green’ practices set to become more widespread are biodegradable confetti, alternative transportation methods to bring guests to the reception venue, and, above all, organic menus: forget extravagant lists and endless courses, and instead prioritize quality and locally sourced ingredients.


Even the ceremony is reserved for a special setup; the aisles or the path leading to the altar will be adorned with flowers and Instagrammable details. As a backdrop to the ceremony, still among the trends, Pampas grass, fabrics, and other natural elements will be featured.

The path leading to the altar will make room for Persian carpets or printed ones crafted from innovative materials.

During the ceremony, there will be no shortage of animals, ring bearers, signs, dances, and much more.


If last year’s weddings saw a trend of total white and splashes of color in shades of blue, bottle green, and lavender, in 2024, the trends move away from pastel colors to welcome a distinctly more vibrant palette, featuring shades of red, orange, and yellow.

These hues will be present in the choice of flowers, decorations, table settings, and even in the bridal outfit. The use of these colors can be done creatively, such as using different shades of the same color to create a sophisticated atmosphere. Also, combining different colors together can create a unique context.

On the other hand, the ‘in’ colors for ceremonies in 2024 will be bold tones like coral and electric blue. Incorporating small bursts of contrasting color with white and its variants will create an atmosphere full of joy and energy.


Another major player in weddings in 2024 is lighting. Illumination, in fact, will play a crucial role and will transform into an extraordinary design element: from sumptuous chandeliers to romantic cascades of fairy lights, from psychedelic light projections to avant-garde installations that achieve a theatrical and romantic effect by playing with volumes and colors.


In 2024, the Garden Style will be reflected in the bridal bouquet through the choice of large bunches of different flowers with a tousled effect — what is technically known as a messy bouquet. Bouquets featuring the color palette of the coming year, namely shades of red, yellow, and orange, will be highly popular. Monochromatic bouquets with delicate touches of green, achieved through the inclusion of eucalyptus or olive leaves, will also be in vogue.

Pastel-colored bouquets will continue to be among the favorites for future brides, including shades of pink, blue, and peach, with the addition of notes of more intense hues and Pampas grass spikes to create a sweet balance.

Who said a man can’t walk down the aisle with a bouquet? The groom, in fact, has finally stopped playing a secondary role in the wedding, and more and more men, alongside their significant other, are diving headfirst into the organization of the event.


If the classic seating plan and traditional place cards are starting to be considered somewhat outdated customs, the new trend for weddings in 2024 is called ‘zooning.’ In practice, it will no longer be the bride and groom deciding where to place the guests during the banquet, but the guests themselves will choose where and with whom to sit within a predefined area.

This doesn’t stray far from the concept of the Wedding Fest, which we already saw in 2023, where weddings take on the appearance of a festival to encourage greater interaction among guests. It will be a less formal and more carefree way of celebrating, moving away from stricter social norms and expectations.


It’s true, the banquet will be more informal, but that doesn’t mean lowering the level of decorations! In 2024, there is a key emphasis on cutlery, plates, and glasses, which become more colorful and turn into true decorative elements for the table. The 2024 wedding is coordinated, albeit less formal: floral decorations, wedding favors, glassware, tablecloths, cutlery, ceramics… everything is in harmony with everything else.


Food and drinks are important elements for any wedding.

Many restaurants and catering services are committed to offering menus that use local and organic ingredients. This type of food is not only healthy but also has a positive impact on the environment.

Fusion cuisine will be another popular choice. This type of cuisine combines elements from different culinary traditions into a unique and surprising menu. For example, dishes that blend Asian ingredients with Italian or American ones.

Many guests prefer to have vegetarian or vegan options during the wedding, and many restaurants and catering services are offering menus specifically designed for this type of diet.

Additionally, craft beers and natural wines represent an excellent choice to provide a unique and unforgettable taste experience. These beverages are crafted and use high-quality ingredients.

Finally, the trend will be to create a personalized culinary experience for guests. Many couples opt for customized menus or catering services that offer a selection of unique dishes. This type of service creates a unique and memorable wedding experience for guests.

In any case, when choosing food and drinks for the wedding, it is important to consider the number of guests, their preferences and dietary restrictions, and the style of the wedding.

Farewell also to standing buffets; for the next year, it is better to consider the option of a seated meal. This option allows guests to fully enjoy the menu and spend a day in a relaxed atmosphere. And, as we know, there is always the dance floor for fun.


Everything that is a corner is trendy: the coffee corner, the artisanal ice cream or donuts corner; but it’s also true that the corner that never goes out of style is the open bar. What changes in 2024 is the quality: if before the emphasis was on the quantity of alcohol served, now the focus is on serving top-quality spirits and ingredients, accompanied by crystal glasses, special decorations, seasonal fruits, or spices.


trend food wedding

In recent years, the trend of food trucks has exponentially gained popularity. In 2024, the fashion for gastronomic corners will be even more solid, and at receptions that include an after-party, the midnight fast food craze will be a hit. Trucks will be set up with staff who will prepare on-the-spot hamburgers, hot dogs, and french fries until the wee hours. You know, after a long night of partying, appetite might return!

Alternatively, the late-night snack can take the form of a classic spaghetti feast or, for those with a sweet tooth dreaming of a more glamorous wedding, we suggest gourmet treats to be enjoyed strictly before going to bed.


In recent years, wedding cakes have taken on a different appearance from the traditional ones; the tiers have decreased, and the sizes are decidedly more compact.

In 2024, the naked cake is making a comeback! A fresh cake with fruit, simple and colorful, that continues to be loved by everyone, couples, and diners alike, both young and old.

Also trending are extra-large fruit tarts and, in general, single-tier cakes that are large and colorful.


torre di champagne

Highlighting the return of the Champagne Tower, in the Italian version featuring local Proseccos and sparkling wines, another essential element of next year’s vintage style. An exquisite quality sparkling wine, beautiful Pompadour-style glasses, skilled craftsmanship to stack them, and it will be a celebration of bubbles, the quintessence of luxury and elegance.


trend fuochi

As spectacular as fireworks but also usable indoors, cold sparklers are a true guarantee for couples who want to amaze. Not being pyrotechnic but connected to a control unit or mixer, they represent the ideal solution for creating shows without damaging the environment or endangering the spectators. The real added value? The ability to synchronize them with music, creating an almost Hollywood-like show and making the wedding day even more unforgettable.

Providing a backdrop will also be smoke bombs and colored smoke grenades, Instagrammable light displays for the closing party of the reception, and for couples who spare no expense, a drone light show is one of the latest original proposals that will literally leave your guests in awe.


trend tec

Technology plays an increasingly important role in weddings. Streaming services allow distant relatives and friends to virtually participate in the ceremony and celebration, ensuring that no one misses the special moment. AI is also poised to play a significant role, especially in the creation of beautiful digital invitations (at significantly reduced costs). Even wedding rings could become ‘smart’: why settle for a simple piece of jewelry when you could have a ring with dozens of useful functions? Additionally, many soon-to-be-weds have chosen to embrace advanced technology for guest entertainment, incorporating interactive games or activities involving virtual reality.


Live music continues to be a must for weddings in 2024. When it comes to musical entertainment, couples opt for original and entertaining performances by specialized musicians that meet their expectations and, above all, are capable of astounding the guests.

Traditional background music gives way to folk music and local popular songs, rock concerts, shows with percussion, and covers of classic hits. The aim is to recreate a sort of festival atmosphere with live bands, neon makeup for the party, and glitter to adorn the face and body.

Beyond music, there is also space for dancers, acrobats, or street performers who can provide a unique and surprising spectacle during the wedding.


The wedding dress is a crucial choice for every bride as it represents her personality and style. In 2024, wedding dresses will be even bolder and more creative, featuring long sleeves, sheer fabrics, and lightweight materials.

trend abiti da sposa 2024

Peter Langner

These dresses create a romantic and light atmosphere, perfect for outdoor weddings. Lightweight fabrics like silk and chiffon are ideal for creating movement and a sense of airiness.

For the bride-to-be who wants to shine like never before on her big day, the sparkling effect is undoubtedly the most suitable for this mission. Numerous sparkling wedding dresses have been showcased on bridal fashion runways as a sneak peek for the upcoming year. Romantic models with a modern mood unleash a mix of lights and incandescent contrasts, creating a truly wow-worthy scenic effect.

Black wedding dresses will also be a major trend next year. Special effects, floral embroideries, shimmering details, and alluring slits and necklines characterize the new total black proposals. Are you ready to dare?

Along the prêt-à-porter fashion runways for 2024, we’ve also seen form-fitting mini dresses, with shorts, flared skirts, or minimalist midi versions with elements of particular elegance, such as feathers, layers of tulle, and luminous embellishments. The short wedding dress is the perfect solution for those who want to embrace the anti-bride movement, distancing themselves from conventional norms.

My Secret Sposa

The bride of 2024 will want to make a difference on her special day, and for this reason, the new trend will be to choose outfits for every moment of the wedding: the ceremony, the reception, and the after-party.

An increasing number of brides are seeking a suit with a jacket and trousers, an elegant jumpsuit, or alternative combinations to showcase a look that reflects their eccentric personality. For example, trousers or a skirt paired with a top, suits with both skirts and trousers, long jackets, and eccentric accessories like ties, capes, and much more.

Nensi Dojaka

In 2024, it won’t just be the year of the anti-bride era; it’s worth noting that many brands prefer to maintain a classic motif to offer brides in search of a regal look the garment of their dreams.

Redingote or A-line cuts with lace patterns inspired by the natural world, romantic sweetheart or Bardot necklines, airy layers of tulle for a cloud-like effect, and refined embellishments are some of the features of classic-style craftsmanship for brides seeking the utmost elegance.

In 2024, we’ll observe a trend towards the return of lace reminiscent of yesteryear, with significant patterns for a dramatic effect.

The corset continues to be a fundamental element, and next year, it will take on a sexy character with plunging necklines, structured bustiers, and seductive transparencies. Voluminous sleeves, both removable and non-removable, are ideal when it comes to corsets, providing movement and a touch of romance.



Like many other elements typical of the ’80s, the veil will also make a comeback in all its splendor in 2024. Among the novelties of the coming year, we find long veils with a regal mood, medium-length veils, and short veils for a more dynamic outfit. This choice can be further personalized because each bride can decide how and what to embroider on the fabric, making it a truly unique piece.

But there’s another accessory that will confirm its status as a must-have element for bridal looks in the coming year: the cape. Capes starting from the neck or sleeves, integrated into the dress, independent and removable, offer multiple creative options and represent the element that makes a difference in the bridal look.

Among the favorite accessories for brides next year, we also find hats, tiaras reimagined in a modern key, detachable hoods, and original headpieces.


My Secret Sposa

We are used to expecting big surprises during weddings, such as an explosive dress change for the bride, but what if there were even two changes? Some choose a more formal outfit for the ceremony and then a more comfortable and less cumbersome look than the classic dress to unleash themselves during dancing and jumping at the party, or they opt for a stunning outfit with the intention of daring and breaking traditions. Yes to midi wedding dresses, short cuts worn with both towering heels and lower shoes, and yes to sparkling wedding dresses, tight-fitting evening dresses with sequins, 2-in-1 models where the skirt can be removed after the ceremony, or mullet dresses with extravagant asymmetries.


trend abito da sposo

If the watchword for weddings in 2023 was transgression, the trend in 2024 will be a return to solid colors. Yes to black, blue, or green, but also to shades of burgundy, grape, sky, and brown. The big stars will be outfits with contoured silhouettes inspired by the Middle East, shiny and glossy fabrics, as well as jewel details, pocket watches, contrasting vests, chalk stripes, and checks. To give the outfit a avant-garde and vintage touch at the same time, there will be white buttons, aristocratic-flavored ties, and jackets in lightweight fabrics. The groom of 2024 does not want to go unnoticed, and that’s why the accessories that will complete his look will be in XXL format. Also, it’s a green light for maxi ties adorned with glitter details, dandy soft fabric ascots with a British lord allure, bow ties, and even large boutonnieres.


trend soocial

In recent years, candid and natural wedding reportages without poses have become favorites among couples organizing their weddings. Photos and videos capturing spontaneous moments are welcomed, even if meticulous attention to detail and extensive post-production work is involved to enhance colors and give the whole a specific style.

In 2024, the true must-have will be instant content to share on social media in the moment. Couples will consider hiring a wedding content creator who will dedicate the day to creating fun videos, choreography, and challenges. These contents will later be edited by video operators, turning them into true cinematic productions.

To satisfy our social network cravings, videographers are working on creating short and creative videos: trailers are now essential in all phases of the wedding, from pre-wedding to post-wedding, and eventually becoming Reels or short TikTok videos.

For the same reason, personalized photo filters for weddings are also popular, to be shared with guests so that everyone can post photos on social media with the same color characteristics.


trend honeymoon

One of the effects of the pandemic has been Revenge Travel, the need to make up for lost time during the lockdown with dream trips to exotic places. For this reason, the honeymoon has become a true life experience, and couples prefer to spend several days planning it down to the smallest details.

This pushes couples to turn to professionals in the industry to make the most of every single day of their adventure to remember it for a lifetime.

It’s also time to add members to the journey! Living together before the “I do” moment and the increase in the age of couples increase the likelihood that there will be children or pets traveling as well. This way, the trip will be even more enjoyable.

And you, which of these trends will inspire you to organize your wedding next year? Remember that, regardless of trends, your wedding will be a special and unique day, made up of irreplaceable moments. To ensure that your dream day goes smoothly, every little detail should be organized down to the last detail, preferably with the help of a professional

…because dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.

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