I’m Maddalena, the wedding planner who will help you plan the wedding you’ve always dreamed of in Puglia.

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My services

Listening, attention, skills, planning and creativity: these are the aspects that define mine work. Each event for me is unique and different like the people who decide to rely on me. An event perfect is, for me, an event able to grant future spouses a stress-free journey and to give as a gift an experience for all guests. This is why my job is to grasp even the smallest nuances of your wishes and transform them into reality, creating a memorable event that you will remember for a lifetime, taking care of each logistical detail, contracts and relationships with suppliers, supervising the budget and timing, taking care of the paperwork, editing the text of the ceremony, accompanying you to the rehearsal menu and managing guests who come from outside. Whether it's just the celebration of your love or the organization of your big day or the celebration of an important anniversary, with my services you can get customized solutions and responding to your various needs to transform an important day into a perfect day. I will support you throughout the planning process and supervise your big day from set-up upon disassembly. I put love into my work, turning my work into love.

One Day Coordinator

Your professional support

An event is like a film, therefore for its success it needs everything to be in harmony, it needs a direction. The unexpected, as I know, is always around the corner, which is why when you don’t have support professional in the organization, even a small hitch can create a moment of panic.  

This is how my One Day Coordinator service was born, designed for people who organize their own event autonomously, finding its own suppliers and making all the decisions, both organizational and design, but who in recent weeks realize how challenging it is to coordinate the timing of the event. It’s only in the moment of celebration and reception that my figure takes over. I will coordinate the suppliers and the timing watching from behind the scenes to let you enjoy every moment of yours thoughtless even.


Ceremony Creator

A unique ceremony, for you!

You will say your “Yes” with a ceremony or civil union or with a symbolic rite, but you don’t know the  necessary paperwork neither the language nor do you know how to structure it? My special Ceremony Creator service is what you need. Dedicated exclusively to ceremony, for all those couples who are already organizing their reception but are in high seas with their choice to opt for a civil and/or symbolic ceremony.

I will create a unique ceremony for you, tailored to your love: from the search for the authorized location to the bureaucratic procedures, from the writing of the texts to the choice of the symbolic rite, from the definition of the set-up to the choice of musical accompaniment, from the choice of the celebrant to the coordination of the ceremony itself. It all starts with a meeting, to get to know you in every nuance. Tiptoeing into your world, in your lives and in your love story, I will find the right words to tell it. I will guide you in each detail, to discover the deepest meaning of your rite so that it is unforgettable.


Wedding Planning

Taking care of your wedding in every detail

The Wedding Planning service consists in the planning and coordination of all phases of the marriage: from the first call or appointment with the couple until the end of the reception with delivery of wedding favors. During our meeting, online or live, we will understand your ideas and needs together, in order to be able to provide you the right support and an adequate guide, becoming your eyes and ears in Puglia, in order to carefully choose the most suitable places for your wedding, the best suppliers, to define every detail from choice of theme to color palette, from wedding stationery to cadeux for guests.

All the technical aspects concerning contracts, budget and time-line control, the set-up definition, guest management, coordination during your big day, they will be my main task; entrusting you to me, you will always have all the information and decisions at hand in a dedicated folder, you will avoid stress and save time and perhaps travel to Puglia with the certainty of not having any problems and of enjoying every moment of the preparations and of your day to the fullest wedding. Together we will create a unique and unforgettable wedding.


Party Planning

Every detail for a magical event

Every anniversary, every important moment must be celebrated and shared in a unique way, whether it’s a birthday, a baptism, a communion, an anniversary, a graduation party, etc. I will plan, conceive, build a tailor-made event for you. This is how the special customizable Party Planning service was born: it is built  ccording to your needs and necessity.

I will guide you in the planning and coordination process of all phases of the event: from the choice of most suitable location for the most suitable suppliers, from budget supervision to timing, up to definition of a common thread that distinguishes and characterizes it in every detail from the fittings to the invitations, so as to create an atmosphere to be fully enjoyed because everything will be coordinated by me.