I’m Maddalena, the wedding planner who will help you plan the wedding you’ve always dreamed of in Puglia.

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The journey towards the wedding day is an exciting adventure, but at the same time, with the many decisions to make, the planning might seem like an insurmountable mountain. Fortunately, the assistance of an experienced wedding planner can make this unique journey stress-free.

And by collaborating with her, you can successfully choose the perfect mood for your wedding, thus creating an unforgettable and tailor-made event.


The first and most important step to maintain throughout the entire journey of creating the wedding of your dreams is to establish open and clear communication with your wedding planner. Share with her your dreams, passions, vision, and even fears for the big day. Understanding your expectations will allow the wedding planner to translate your vision into reality.


A professional wedding planner is an expert in the field and can offer you a wide range of ideas and inspirations. Together with her, explore themes, colors, styles, and gather images and details that inspire you to create a mood board. This can help you visualize how all the elements will come together to create the desired atmosphere. You might also discover new ideas that could transform your wedding into something even more special.


Your wedding planner will surely have a deep understanding of the different seasons and the best available locations. Work together to choose the perfect combination. A venue like a Masseria in the summer might require a fresh and floral mood, while a winter wedding in a villa could inspire a more intimate and elegant atmosphere.


Your wedding planner will be a crucial ally in budget management as well. Work together to establish your needs and priorities, and find creative solutions that fit within your financial requirements. Careful planning will allow you to achieve the maximum result without exceeding the budget.


Every couple is unique, which is why your wedding should reflect your personality and your story. Work together to personalize every detail, from choosing the stationery to the flowers, so that each element contributes to creating the desired atmosphere. Your wedding planner will be more than happy to coordinate every aspect to meet your preferences.


mood table set up

With the help of your wedding planner, establish a organized plan outlining the details of the wedding mood. This could include table arrangements, various corners dedicated to the tableau de mariage or photobooth, music selection, lighting, and much more. A well-structured planning process will ensure that every element on the wedding day fits harmoniously to create the atmosphere you have always desired.


During the planning process, unexpected events or changes of ideas may arise. Your wedding planner will be there to adapt to these modifications and ensure that your wedding reflects your desires. Therefore, you should maintain a flexible mindset and enjoy the creative process together.

Collaborating with an experienced wedding planner can transform the planning process into an enjoyable, exciting, and stress-free experience, especially since this will be the phase you’ll fondly remember. Share your ideas, explore various options and solutions, personalize every detail to create the perfect mood for your dream day. With your wedding planner by your side, your wedding day will truly be memorable…

…because dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.


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