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Do you, too, today dream of receiving an engagement ring that will seal your love, enclosing a promise of marriage?

You know that until a few centuries ago the aspiring boyfriends had to offer an apple to the chosen girl as a token of love. Instead, donating a ring, for example for the Germans and the Visigoths, was equivalent to a real nuptial contract.

But who opened the dance to this tradition? Apparently the Archduke Maximilian of Hapsburg who, in 1477, gave to Mary of Burgundy a gold ring overhung by a brilliant as a promise of marriage. From then until today this has become a fixed stage to walk the wedding path, of facts about 70% of future brides receive a diamond engagement ring.

The tradition wants that the engagement ring as the wedding ring goes to the left ring finger, but not be bought at the same time. And the label wants that in case of break of the engagement there is the reciprocal return of the gifts, therefore also of the ring, but if it is the man to decide to break then the woman can hold the engagement ring.

Maria di Borgogna's engagement ring


The most classic of engagement rings are the solitaire, the riviera with a host of small diamonds, suitable for all styles and all women, and the trilogy, composed of three diamonds that imply “I loved you, I love you and I will love you forever”.

Solitaire engagement ringRiviera pave engagement ringTrilogy engagement ring

There are many precious stones that can be set in an engagement ring, each with its own meaning. Just the message enclosed by the stones guides the future groom in choosing the right gem, so as to convey his own thought to his beloved:

  • Diamond: durability, solidity
  • Ruby: burning love
  • Sapphire: fidelity
  • Emerald: hope
  • Aquamarine: a lasting and happy marriage
  • Berillo: strength of the love’s bond
  • Opal: sincere love.

Each stone is associated with a zodiacal sign, so if the future groom knows that his fiancée is attentive to astrology, he can choose the ring based on her sign:

  • Aries: ruby, sapphire, diamond
  • Taurus: emerald, rose quartz
  • Gemini: emerald, turquoise
  • Cancer: pearl, tourmaline, moonstone
  • Leo: diamond, green aventurine
  • Virgo: sapphire, diamond, jasper
  • Libra: emerald, opal
  • Scorpio: ruby, quartz fumé
  • Sagittarius: lapis lazuli
  • Capricorn: grenade, onyx, malachite
  • Aquarius: diamond, amethyst
  • Pisces: aquamarine, amethyst


Just as for wedding dresses, even for the engagement ring new trends are dictated every year based on model, cut and color.

It has earned the title of must have the above mentioned ring trilogy, held to the fore by Prince Harry who for Meghan Markle has designed a jewel from a large central diamond of Botswana with two small diamonds from the personal collection of Princess Diana.

Meghan Markle engagement ring

Tradition dictates that you wear something blue on your wedding day and why not the engagement ring. Apparently the colored stones continue to fascinate and the sapphire ring has entered in 2019 top trend. After having the spotlight a few years ago with Kate Middleton, has regained fame thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow and Penelope Cruz who wear their blue jewelry.

Gwyneth Paltrow's engagement ring

The Nordic tendency, rampant in design, furnishings and even the theme of weddings to be inspired by geometric shapes, has also struck engagement rings. In this 2019 rings with stones that, in design, feature a hexagonal halo, triangular cut stones or with an angular setting.

Hexagon engagement ring

Another must have this year is the pear-cut ring. A choice suitable for those who want to stand out, for a future modern bride and little inclined to clichés. This is why the rings of this cut are the favorites of the stars, just think of Victoria Beckham, the woman with 14 engagement rings.

Pear engagement ring

As well as in fashion, even in jewelry, the great classics re-emerge. This is the case with the inserts in yellow gold that is presented in all its delicacy, showing that there are things that never go out of fashion and last forever.

Engagement ring gold

Also in pendant with the wedding dress also the engagement ring can have references to other times. And vintage is with retro diamond cuts like emerald and marquise. To make the future groom opt for this typology is the typical conformation of these cuts that makes the stones look bigger than they actually are.

Vintage engagement ring

In reality the engagement rings a bit like bridal dresses follow life: there are news, the past, the great returns and the great classics from which we never part. However, what really remains to you, dear future bride, is not the only dazzling shine of your ring but the words of love that accompany it.

And you dear future groom if you want to make your proposal unforgettable, do not hesitate to contact me

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because dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.

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