Who am i?

I’m Maddalena

Wedding Planner & Event Creator

Who I am?
What you don’t see.
I will create what you haven’t seen yet…
because I will relate who you are

I’m Maddalena, a Wedding Planner & Event Creator

After a course of study in the human sciences and one working as a restaurant manager, I decided to follow my passion for the world of events.

At 6 months the first participation in a wedding.

At 6 months the first participation in a wedding. At 2 years the first experience as a damsel. And from 3 to 6 years I have collected a long series of participations in weddings as a special crash.
I am a creative traveler, a realistic listener and an ironic shoulder… whose dream is to realize your desires for a concrete happy beginning.

Therefore I followed a training course to discover this incredible profession and my magnificent Italy, and then returned to my picturesque Apulia; that with its history and its beaches, its culture and its farmhouses, with its food and its castles, its architecture and its harmony (between hill and plain, between sky and sea) will be the perfect setting for your events.

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Making the right choices means decide what represents you
to make a memory that will accompany you forever, a magical moment lived in serenity,

A journey in which I will guide you.